VV Very Old Vintage Tawny

VV Very Old Vintage Tawny


To celebrate this occasion, we decided to bottle 999 bottles of the "new" old VV, in which we tried to combine the concentration and richness of the original VV with the refinement and purity that increasingly characterises Niepoort wines. The base for this blend is a very fine Port from 1863, of the highest quality, exquisitely aged in casks until 1972, and then "bottled" in demijohns. The ancient and rare wines that are part of this batch, along with their ageing in demijohns, make this Port unique and with a huge potential for ageing in bottle. VV was created by Dirk Niepoort’s grandfather (Eduard Marius van der Niepoort) at the beginning of the 20th century. Eduard Marius had a great passion and commitment to quality, and as such had the dream to make the world's best Tawny and simply call it VV – Vinho Velho (Old Wine). It turned out to be a legendary wine, considered by many to be the best Tawny ever made. The original batch, like the new one, was based in pre-phylloxera wines, very concentrated and with "unlimited longevity." The new VV tries to be all this and even more, precise, balanced and long. This wine was made ​​with future generations in mind, and with the aim of demonstrating the timelessness of the Great Port Wine. In Porto Veritas. According to Rolf Niepoort, "This VV has nothing to do with the VV of the 1950s, which was wine aged in the Douro Region. The new VV is a Port wine 100% aged in Vila Nova de Gaia, a real treasure, unique for its rarity and quality."

Chestnut/deep mahogany colour, with olive green tinges. Limpid, crystalline, with a clearly marked tear. An explosion of great intensity and concentration on the nose. Silky and enveloping, it transmits, successively, aromas of dried fruit, raisins, honey, fireplace smoke, cigar leaf and coffee. On the mouth, the wine envelops the whole palate with rich, delicious flavours, combined with a vibrant acidity, resulting in an intense wine with an appreciable freshness. The finish is long, very long and pleasant. There are no perfect wines? There shouldn't be! Because it's always possible to do better... But the new VV is very close to perfection...







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75 cl

Horeca ekskl. MVA

NOK 8 799,92/st

VP inkl. MVA

NOK 10 099,90/st

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Produkt Vectura nr Produsent VP
inkl. MVA
Horeca ekskl. MVA Produkt
10 YO Tawny 121625 Niepoort 179.90 kr 155.92 kr
10 YO White 138851 Niepoort 319.90 kr 255.92 kr
20 YO Tawny 121545 Niepoort 514.90 kr 411.92 kr
Vertente 121613 Niepoort 204.90 kr 173.92 kr
VV Very Old Vintage Tawny 138852 Niepoort 10,099.90 kr 8,799.92 kr
30 YO Tawny 137217 Niepoort 954.90 kr 763.92 kr
Batuta 121693 Niepoort 574.90 kr 459.92 kr
Bioma Rød 132659 Niepoort 254.90 kr 199.92 kr
Buçaco Hvit 2002 133014 Niepoort 0.00 kr 409.73 kr
Buçaco Hvit 2003 133013 Niepoort 529.90 kr 383.92 kr
Buçaco Hvit 2010 137332 Niepoort 469.90 kr 383.92 kr
Buçaco Hvit 2013 137294 Niepoort 484.90 kr 387.92 kr
Buçaço Rød 2001 133002 Niepoort 599.90 kr 474.52 kr
Charme 124247 Niepoort 514.90 kr 411.92 kr
Coche 131140 Niepoort 0.00 kr 435.92 kr
Colheita 121555 Niepoort 514.90 kr 411.92 kr
Conciso 139091 Niepoort 299.90 kr 256.92 kr
Dão Rótulo Rød 137749 Niepoort 139.90 kr 125.92 kr
Dão Rótulo Rød BIB 137750 Niepoort 429.90 kr 355.92 kr
Docil 125108 Niepoort 164.90 kr 141.92 kr
Dry White 138865 Niepoort 209.90 kr 175.92 kr
Dry White Port 143991 Niepoort 95.90 kr 79.92 kr Nytt
Fabelaktig Hvit 129505 Niepoort 154.90 kr 131.92 kr
Fabelaktig Rød 121554 Niepoort 139.90 kr 133.92 kr
Lagar de Baixo 138862 Niepoort 199.00 kr 0.00 kr
Late Bottle Vintage 121499 Niepoort 229.90 kr 181.92 kr
Moscatel 137790 Niepoort 219.90 kr 182.96 kr
Poeirinho Tinto 138863 Niepoort 299.90 kr 251.92 kr
Redoma Hvit 121576 Niepoort 224.90 kr 179.92 kr
Redoma Rød 123919 Niepoort 364.90 kr 291.92 kr
Secundum Vintage 132069 Niepoort 419.90 kr 347.92 kr
The Senior Tawny 121548 Niepoort 259.90 kr 216.24 kr
Vintage Bioma 129815 Niepoort 664.90 kr 531.92 kr
Vintage Bioma 139103 Niepoort 364.90 kr 291.92 kr
Vintage Port 2005 137791 Niepoort 399.90 kr 331.92 kr
Vintage Port 2009 139101 Niepoort 364.90 kr 291.92 kr
VV Vinhas Velhas Hvit 138864 Niepoort 294.90 kr 240.92 kr
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